Telnet DX Cluster for Ham Radio

Node call: 4Z5LZ-2, Location: Israel

Run telnet CQPLANET.COM at port 7300
(For not IE browsers, click and enjoy now: telnet://

How to use the telnet DX cluster?

For Windows Vista and Windows 7 users:
Windows Vista & Windows 7 doesn't have Telnet enabled by default, so, how to enable telnet in Windows 7? Here is the answer:

Click 'Start' → Go to 'Control Panel' → 'Programs And Features' → Turn Windows features on or off → Check Telnet Client → OK

After that you can start Telnet via Command Prompt

List of most used user commands in telnet DX cluster:

ANNOUNCE A msg Send announcement to LOCAL users only
ANNOUNCE/FULL A/F msg Send announcement to ALL users in all nodes
DX DX fq call cmt Send a spot to cluster
For example: DX 14180 4Z5LZ op.Alex
HELP H or ? Brief command summary
QUIT or BYE Q or B Log off from cluster node
SET/LOCATION SET/LO Enter your latitude/longitude
SET/NAME SET/NA Enter your name
SET/QTH SET/Q Enter your address/city
SHOW/ANNOUNCEMENT SH/AN Show last 5 TO ALL announcements
SHOW/DX SH/D Show last 5 DX announcements
SHOW/USERS SH/U Show users logged onto local node
SHOW/WWV SH/W Show last 5 WWV announcements
More DX Cluster User Commands

Sysop of cqplanet telnet dx cluster node: Alex 4Z5LZ - ham radio search engine